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5 Reasons Why the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands are not Chinese Territory


Anti-China protest in Japan

Cinese agressiveness and expansionism over other countries' teriitorial sorignty has been recognaized in the world.
Japanese demonstrators stage a massive anti-China protest as tensions between the two countries mount over disputed islands. Please click the followin URL and also watch the next movie,too. You would understand which saide is right.


The Senkaku Islands are Japanese territory, which were incorporated into Okinawa Prefecture in 1895 through Japan’s “prior occupation” of “terra nullius (no man’s land).”Japan was the first country that introduced International Law in East Asia and established a modern sovereign state there.

5 Reasons Why the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands are not Chinese Territory
Reason1: International Law
“Island of Palmas Case” (1928)
1.Title based on contiguity has no standing in International Law.
2.Title by discovery is only an inchoate title.
3.If another sovereign begins to exercise continuous and actual sovereignty, and the discoverer does not contest this claim, the claim by the sovereign that exercises authority is greater than a title based on mere discovery.
Reasons 2: Chinese didn’t discover the Senkaku Island first.
Chinese Investiture Missions sailed to Ryukyu through the Senkaku Islands only 23 times in507 years, while Ryukyan Tributary Missions sailed to China through the Senkaku Islands over 580 times in the same periods.
Reasons 3: There is no historical fact that Chinese has ever exercised any “effective control” on the Senkaku Islands.
Reasons 4: The Japanese map never admitted that the Senkaku Islands were Chinese territory.
Reasons 5: Senkaku Islands were not stolen from China, so it has nothing to do with Cairo Declaration.
1.China is not even the first discoverer of the Senkaku Islands.
2.There is no historical fact that China has ever exercised any “effective control” on the Senkaku Islands.
3.China had recognized the Senkaku Islands as Japanese territory until 1971 for 76 years.
The Senkaku Islands have never belonged to China so far. So China can never say that “they were stolen by Japan.”

Conclusion: Chinese Imperialism
The Senkaku Islands have never belong to China, but are legitimate territory of Japan which were incorporated into Japan strictly following procedures prescribed by International Law.

5 Reasons Why the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands are not Chinese Territory

7分でわかる中華人民共和国の歴史 7 minute Lesson on the History of PRC



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Abduction by North Korea


Abducting Japanese people by North Korea has been unsolved yet. The early 1970’s, so many young people were missing somewhere and police had not found out the cause of it. Later, they found that it was related with communist sects in Japan and North Korea. The purpose of North Korea doing the abduction is to take Japanese as scapegoats and forcing them to teach the Japanese language to educate North Korean Spies and to send them into Japan and the rest of the world with fake passports.

13-year-old Megumi Yokota is abducted on her way home from school by North Korean spies. The powerful true story of one family's struggle to bring her home

English Version
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The territorial dispute between Japan and South Korea over Takeshima.


Two Special Places for Koreans

In the Sea of Japan, between Japan and South Korea, there lie small island called Takeshima (Dokdo). Although the Allies determined that that these islets should remain as Japanese territory in the San Francisco Treaty in 1951, South Korea ignored this international determination and started occupying the islets illegally from 1952.

Thanks to the enthusiastic propaganda by South Korean government, all Koreans have obsession with these stolen islets. Korean people think it a sacred duty to appeal to the world for their claim over the islets wherever they want. They appeal in the FIFA WORLD CUP. They appeal in the World Baseball Classic. They appeal in Los Angeles. They appeal in Times Square, N.Y. They appeal I Iraq while stationed there. They appeal I Prague Czech. They appeal in New York Times. They appeal on swimsuits. They appeal on watermelons. They appeal in airplanes. They appeal in Japanese temples.

They even let bees swarm around their body for the appeal. They even commit Harakiri for the appeal. They even let their children draw offensive drawings for the appeal. They even slaughter Japanese national bird, pheasants for the appeal. To appeal for the islets, they won’t hesitate to do whatever they can. They won’t hesitate to go to the North Pole. They won’t hesitate to climb Mt. Everest. They won’t hesitate to dive into the Mariana Trench.

However, there is only place on this planet, where they never appeal for their claim; The International Court of Justice, Hague, the Netherlands. Since the illegal occupation by South Korea, the Japanese government has repeatedly urged them to go to the International Court of Justice to let it judge this territorial dispute. Nevertheless, Korans have stubbornly refusing to appeal for their territorial claim in the most appropriate place for them to do instead of appealing irrelevant places.

Why? The answer is simple. Because their claim has no legal basis in the international law. Takeshima is Japan’s Territory.

韓国に竹島を描いた古地図は存在するか: 日韓古地図の比較


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Taboo of Korean citizens in Japan.


在日のタブー★朝鮮進駐軍★ Taboo of Korean citizens in Japan

After the World War 2, General MacArthur ordered Koreans to go back to their Korean Peninsula. However a lot of Koreans kept living in Japan. While all of Japanese people lost everything, and starving because of food shortage, Koreas made their gang gropes, Korean Occupation Force even if Korea and Japan never fought against each other during the war.

They did almost anything,: stealing Japanese owned real-estate, rape, violence exploitation, massive murder, and made up a lot of unlawful businesses such as Pachinko industry, making excessive profits by lending money at very high interest, prostitution and a lot more,….you name it.

They insist they were compulsory brought from Korea and forced to work in Japan but these are all lies. Here is a truth of YouTube movie that they want to keep hiding.


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China has been becoming more and more dangerous because of its aggression.


Chinese military territorial expansionism has been escalating more and more and jeopardizing the stability of peace among Asian Nations as well as Taiwan and Japan. China is originality communist country. However, after accepting free market capitalism in its economy, its GDP grew at very high speed and its military modernization and variety of ammunitions developed very much.
After the declaration of independence of China, it has already invaded Tibet, the East Turkistan and the part of Mongolian territories.

And now, China is apparently seeking for the Ocean territories in the South Sea and the East China Sea to get its own natural resources in selfish manner. Here the movies explains the aggression of Communist China below.

Troubled Waters in South China Sea Today - China's territorial claims...

China Irks Neighbors as Tensions Rise in South China Sea

China Warns U.S. Not To Interfere In It's Affairs Using Internet


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