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Believe or not, Japan's Democratic Party is Chinese Communist.


Just listen what he says, first!

These men are members of the Diet. But look what they are trying to do. They told the Japanese nation a lot of lies to get a political power during the election campaign last year. And now they're destroying Japan. They're not real Japanese---they're phony.


This photo explains their real identity. They're not real Japanese---their grandparents are possibly either Koreans or Chinese. We have some information about their origins but cannot trace back their origins 100%. That’s why they do want to destroy the system of keeping a record of nationality.

It seems that President Obama is having a trouble to figure out this man, the Prime Minister of Japan, Yukio Hatoyama. He once said to Obama, "Trust me", regarding the relocation of the U.S. military base in Okinawa. However, he hasn't kept his word as a promise yet. This is a serious situation that the top of the government dose not have a power of decision making, due to the Socialist Party's strong anti-movement against the U.S-Japan Military collision Policy in the East Asia. In Japan's political system, a prime minister is elected by the ruling party. Therefore, Japanese people do not have any choice who to be a prime minister. I don't think most people think Hatoyama is a good one, especially because of his incompetence in politics and of his big amount of tax evasion case. What shame it is!
But remember Japanese are neither Koreans nor Chinese.

Obama's angry



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Hey, Mr. Prime Minister


Aren't there any other important jobs you supposed to do? While you are doing the dishes, dressing up for dinner parties, and showing off your wife's wig to hide her gray hair on TV, Koreans are making up false history that Takejima Island belongs to Korea. They even have named the island, "Dokuto". They also have started to insist Japan-Sea to be changed to the East Sea. What a stupid thing they're doing!

There’s a clear historical evidence that Takejma Island is a territory of Japan. But right after the Second World War, while Japan was straggling to rebuild the country, the first Korean president, Risyouban drew a territorial line which is called Risyouban Line. The conduct is off course against international law. Since then, the island has been unlawfully occupied by Korean military force. At that time so many Japanese fishermen were killed and the ships were attacked.

You know what, Mr. Prime Minister? We Japanese are ready to begin a war against Korea. You should know our strong anger and the unbearable patience.





Note: I've got some of the photos and movies with wrong grammer expressions on. But please forget about it. They had already been attached on them.

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