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China’s Aggressive military and economic strategy is becoming dangerous, not only to Japan but also the rest of the Asian countries.


According to the new media, Sankei News, dated on January 27th, China has been developing a resort areas in Hainan Dao (an Island), located in the South West of Hong Kong, near Vietnam. But it also reports that the main actual China’s plan is to have a military base and the construction is in hurry.

China seems to think, that after this strategic plan is completed, they can have super military power over the whole China Sea, East China Sea and even to Taiwan from the Pacific Ocean side.

As many military analysts point out, there are a lot of complicated disputes and confrontations among the nations in the South China Sea regarding the sovereignty and the national interest over Spratly Islands and the exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Although China thinks the whole South East Sea including Spratly Islands belog to China, the other nations such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines also insist their territorial rights. This makes the power balance of stability in the area even worse. There would be a possibility of a war among them.

The issue above is not exception to Japan, either. Japan also has a territorial disputes and confrontations about the sovereignty and the national interest over the Senkaku -Islands and the natural gas wells constructed along the EEZ Line. China ignores even international agreements signed on official papers. Moreover, China even insists Okinawa Island on which American military base exists.


I really urge Japanese Government to make sure the reliability and effectiveness of military coalition agreements with the U.S.. If not, Japan must have her own nuclear fighting capability and other necessary high technology ammunitions. And I also clearly state that Japan should have military and economic coalition ties, with such as Taiwan, India , and some nations in South-East Asia and the South Pacific reigion.

To maintain the peace and stability in the whole Asia, Japan should take the leadership of the roll. To do that, we really have to overturn the Fake Japanese government by Japanese-Korean incompetent politicians as soon as possible. And the election for members of the House of Councilors is scheduled this coming July. I’m really hoping that Japan would be able to take a step to become a new powerful and prosperous nation.

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