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Thank you, Daniel for the fair and right reports about the current situation in Japan.


A lot of confusing rumors and also correct and incorrect news are reported through media in Japan as well as in the world. Here is a gentleman whose name is Daniel Kahl.

He has been living in Japan more than 30 years. He can speak perfect Japanese, and even more, he also speaks perfect dialect which is peculiar in northern-east of Japan where the enormous earthquake and tsunami struck. I think Mr. Karl has been explaining and elaborating the facts what’s going on in Japan. I personally do not trust current DPJ Japanese Government which is composed of fake Japanese (originally they’ Koreans) and most of the news media that are under the control of China and Korea.
Therefore, please listen to Daniel Kahl. He knows the area much better than News reporters.

Up today, 13,232 people are found to be dead, 14,554 are still missing and 4,756 are injured. Besides that, there has been a problem of nuclear electric plants which nuclear specialists, self-defense army and all the related personnel have been working to stop the leakages of any nuclear substances such as contaminated water, air and radiation etc..
Thank you so much, people of the world! Your warm and kind help such as a lot of supplies and money given to the survivors. It may take a very long time for them to go back to their happy daily lives. Of course, among ourselves help each other a lot.



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