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To people who do not know the truth in Japan.(真実を知らない全世界の皆様へ)



Democratic Party has become a ruling party in Japan. However, its political behavior is not most Japanese people expected--rather disappointed and autocratic.

The MANIFESTO, the party's promised policy is quite different from the one that most people were informed. And there seems to be many hidden policy plans which are against Japanese national law as well as its constitution.

For example, they're trying to pass a bill to give an election right to vote to foreign nationals in local cities and prefectures. Moreover, they have a plan to accept more than 100 million immigrants mainly from Communist China and Korea.

The explanation to those plans, according to the government officials, less number of babies is born but the population of old generation is rapidly increasing in the future, and the population gap would cause social welfare financial problems. But there is no explanation regarding negative aspect of accepting so many immigrants who aren't necessarily highly educated or skilled and have no patriotic feeling toward Japan as much as most Japanese do.

It is already known that over one million Korean and Chinese have been living in Japan. Many of them illegally entered Japan and have resided and are engaged underground businesses. Some of them are getting welfare money without working by hiding their background. The crime rate is increasing rapidly and the majority of crimes are caused by Chinese and Koreans.

With these facts, why the Democratic Party is trying to support even foreign criminals? That's a good question. Apparently, the party is manipulated by secret foreign agencies, possibly Communist China, South Korea and North Korea. The reason why I speculate that comes from the facts the Cabinet is constituted by the assembly members whose original family tree doesn't belong to Japan. I've heard that more than 100 assembly members' grandparents are immigrants and have different thoughts about the national identity.

Therefore, their attitudes toward Japanese history, culture, traditions, education as Japanese which were inherited through the Imperial History over 2670 years, are quite different from the ones of Native Japanese.

We, native Japanese, are really anxious about the future of Japanese homeland. We now know that Japan is in danger of invasion from Communist China, South and North Korea. We would not allow any of maneuvers and or political tricks in Japan as well as outside of our homeland. This is a warning to those who are involved in stepping into another's shoes. We will not hesitate to take any actions to defend our country,


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First of all, I appreciate your making efforts to release Japanese real political situations in relation to especial Democratic party.
In this regard, I think you may had better re-consider your manner of writing style in standpoint of how we should argue our points under discussion closely.
Of course, I may support to you but now I don't have enough time.
I hope you can succeed your sincere Japanese loving activities.
Yours truly.

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Mr. ぐりぐりももんが
Thanks for the great help! I realy appreciate that. What I'm trying to do is to let foreign nationals know the serious political problems that we are facing because of mix-up politicans who are not suposed be Japanese. We really have to kick them out of Japan.

I just started this blog a few days ago. So there are so many things that I do not know of yet. Any helpful comments are appreciated. Again, thank you very much.

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Re: Thank you very very much.


>Dear Mr.Riyo

Thanks for the comment, and sorry for replying you so late.
I started this blog last December, so it's been only about a month since then.

> P.S. May I use your blog or movies in my diary of some social net works?

Sure why not? Please do so. You can use any of the photos and movies because
I also get a great help from a lady who made them.

Our purpose must be the same. That is to say, “We want our Japan to be the right country that we are proud of".

> Mr.what 1.
> Thank you for your efforts and spending lots of time for Japan!
> I was really impressed when I found this blog. We Japanese have to stand up like you.
> I had thought I should write truth story in English what's going on in Japanese politics and so on. But I cannot write English well.So I was frustrated.
> But now,I got hopes in Japanese future thanks to you.
> I'm gonna do something for saving our future.
> And I'm gonna visit your blog constantly.
> Tank you again!!!
> P.S. May I use your blog or movies in my diary of some social net works?

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