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Is the Democratic Party of Japan Chinese made?


I think that the Japanese Democratic Party's political behavior is exactly the same as Chinese and Korean.
First just listen what Tony says.

4169667395_0337b3d080_m.jpg mao tsu ton

It’s been more than 100 days since the DPJ became a ruling party in Japan. However, Japan’s political and economical situations are becoming rather worse than ever. What I’m trying to say is that DPJ’ s economic and foreign policies are rather for Communist China and South and North Korea. As I mentioned in the earlier topics, DPJ’s assembly members are occupied by so many Korean oriented people who got their Japan’s citizenships later. Most of their parents and grandparents illegally entered Japan during the mix-up time of Korean War.

Their main purpose is apparently to overturn Japanese country which is backed by over 2670 years of the Imperial history, and its culture and traditions. It seems like they want to create their own new government by destroying them. So that they would be able to obtain Japan’s unpolluted land and sea with highly developed infrastructure and technologies. That is so called,"an invasion without bloodshed".

Therefore, they are trying to implement a bill, an election voting right for foreigners in local cities and towns. If the bill were passed, it makes it possible for foreign nationals get together and to occupy Japanese land, especially small islands. It makes it very difficult to stopping illegal immigrants. They’re even trying to erase the law of keeping the documents of nationality records.

Both Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and Secretary General Ichiro Ozawa have violated the law of the tax evasions and bribery cases. Tokyo prosecution office is investigating both political crimes. But once they get a powerful political position, it seems it is very difficult to arrest them even if a lot of clear proves are found. Besides that, most of the media in Japan are under control of Chinese and Koreans. Therefore,no clear reports have been made to the public yet.

hatoyyama , ozawa

Three Mr.Ozawa's secretaries are in custody because of the false accounting records regarding Mr. Ozawa’s unclear money transactions. The money must be related to the bribery from the construction companies. Tokyo Prosecutor’s Office has decided to extend another ten- day’s custody to the secretaries. I really hope that a clear announcements of both the money related Hatoyama and Ozawa cases are reported and they’re to be punished accordingly with a law. And I also hope that Japanese Government would come back to the pure Japanese hand.Chinese and Koreans tell big lies with no hesitation. They’re good at creating false historical stories and also ignore others’ patent rights and copy anything without paying any loyalty money. Listen folks、”China and Korea Free” are the best!

Even the little cat is saying, "Hey, get out of Japan as soon as possible" before pure Japanese really get angry.

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