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About the recalls of Toyota cars!


Hi! Tony, I really appreciate that you brought about the problem of recall case of Toyota cars in the U.S.A. And I’m also happy to know that there’s a gentleman like you who is plentiful in common sense and very courageous.

I’m also impressed with the actual data you showed in the movie, regarding the recall cases of other automobile companies. I myself drive a Lexus in Japan and have no problem so far. But that dose not mean I never drive American made car.

If GM, Ford or Chrysler can produce more effective and safer automobile with a reasonable price, certainly an American car would be in my alternative purchasing lists. But as you may know that effective gas consumption and environmental issues are to be strictly considered in Japan. Besides that, Japan is very poor in natural resources and the costs are very high. I hope American people would know this situation.

Moreover, regulations about ecology and environmental issues must meet at the strict rules. Another problem is housing size with the reality that Japan is only the size of the state of California. Therefore, a size of automobile is often a problem to meet the size of a parking space.

I’m not expecting American people to permit any deficiency or defect of Japanese automobiles or any other products. But I really want American people to take in a consideration of fairness and justice. This is a word from one of Japanese nationals who happened to be in the U.S.A. as a foreign student during 1970’s.

One more thing I’d like to mention is that Japan is ruled by Democratic Party of Japan. However, this party told a lot of lies to Japanese people just to get a political ruling power. They said only good stories about welfare, free education up to high school, financial aids to all families that have children, free express ways, low cost health care,and a lot more. There’s no sound plans or strategies for the progress of the economy. The current Japanese economy has been in deflation for more than ten years. Naturally, the amount of tax money the government can obtain is decreasing every year. So the revenue and expenditure budgetary gap is escalating.

We found out that this party is incompetent to manage the country and many of the assembly members of the party are not real Japanese. They’re fake Japanese, Koreans. Their political ideology is socialist or communist. Right now,we’re having a terrible situation and trying to demolish this unwanted party. The straggle goes on a while but I’m sure we Japanese can kick them out sooner or later.

I hope the American government and the people would understand the situation even if the prime minister of Japan made a stupid diplomacy.

Further, CNN video news might explain more details of Toyota's recall issue. Please judge yourself what is right and wrong. I really hope that the U.S. still has justice and fairness.



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