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I just cannot trust them.


Do you know who he is? Yes, that's right! He’s a fake Japanese prim minister of Japan.He's under investigation of a tax evasion. The money he got from his mammy is well over 12 billion yen, but he still insists that he didn't know the money. Of course the money is illegal as political money as well as inherited money. Because he neither reported the money to be recorded in official accounting system nor paid huge amount of tax until the fact was found out.
He seems he’s so frustrated. I wonder how the Japanese flag tastes like. Japanese people didn’t know his political ideology background. He told so many lies to Japanese during the last election campaign. A lot of Japanese people have realized that he’s either socialist or communist.

hato bits a flag

Koreans used be like the photo below about 100 years ago. Their average life expectancy was about only 24 years because sanitary situation was terrible and most people even did not have medical cares and education. However, after the annexation by Japanese government, they got modern medication, education, food supply and a lot of infrastructures such as railroads paved streets power plants factories and even a university. But they don’t have any appreciation to Japanese. Rather they are trying to destroy Japanese culture, traditions and the history of Imperial Family. Most Korean-Japanese are descendants of Koreans who entered Japanese mother land illegally during the mix-up time of the World War 2 and Korean War. Therefore they have different thoughts about the political policies.

100 years ago in Korea

Koreans, 100 years ago

This movie below explains more about the origins of Koreans and the histoy of Korean Peninsula.

Can you imagine what these people are? They are the assembly members of DPJ. One of the men is peeping up under the lady. Are they Japanese? Absolutely Not!Click the photo below.You get more inforemation how Koreans are.


And this man is giving a speech saying that Koreans have a superior DNA blood to Japanese. What a stupid thing was said by Ichiro Ozawa in Korea. He’s absolutely not a Japanese origin. We have found that his ancestor came from Saisyu-Island, Korean soil. Though he’s a secretary-general of DPJ, he’s also under the investigation of bribery cases over 10billion yen. Our patience is limited. We Japanese really have to kick them out to Korea where their origins are.

Ozawa in Korea

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