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I have a dream to come true.


Finally, the U.S. Government has realized the reality that they were dealing with the fake Japanese politicians of DPJ, but not real Japanese politicians.DPJ told a lot of unrealistic political policies and came into power to change economic and diplomacy of Japan.I would say that this party is fraud.Apparently President Obama no longer trust Prime minister Hatoyama who took the position with huge amount of money from his mammy.

Obama says NO!

You, too. Ozawa! Get out of the monkey business. You are not supposed be here!

They told very many lies to the Japanese nation after they came into power. They started to execute economic policies which are not backed up by solid national budgetary proof. They said tax for gas is no longer needed, so the price of gas would be much cheaper. Express roads would be free of charge. Up to high school education, there would be no charge. And now we all found out these are all lies.
obama & ozawa

Hey, Loopy Hatoyama, what has happened to the American Military base plan in Okinawa?
Didn’t you say, ”Trust me” to President Obama?

Further,there are several policies they did not mention during the election campaign.All over sudden,they started to say they would accept more than one million foreigners mainly from Korea and China and even
said they would give a local election voting right to them.They had had a plan to give away welfare money which real Japanese people paid as tax money. Moreover, they even stated to insist to give foreigners' children education money who live outside of Japan. We clearly realized that the DPJ’S assembly members are not Japanese though they have obtained Japanese nationality.Possibly most of their grandparents or parents illegally entered Japan from Korean Peninsula during Korean War while Japan was still straggling to reconstruct the country after World War 2.


The Governor of Tokyo. Mr. Ishihara has strongly said, “We no longer allow any illegal aliens in Tokyo. We are going to deport all of them from Tokyo and actually from all over Japan near future.

a sign

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