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Another way of invading Japan by Communist China


As many of you are aware of Chinese rapid military, economic and its territorial expansionism. Up until the early 1970’s, after the establishment of diplomatic relation between the United States of America and Communist China, the country was still way behind in many aspects such as economy, military, education, infrastructures of its main cities except the huge population that was mostly in poverty.

However, around in the middle of 1980’s, the government started to accept free market economic system, capitalism though the country itself was communism. The U.S capitalists considered that they could make huge amount of profits by using Chinese cheep labor force in constructing assembly lines in China and export their products to the U.S. and other markets in the world. That was a beginning of the issue.

After over 20 some years, Chinese Economic kept double digits growth. And now the GDP level is number two next to the U.S. though the gap between the rich and the poor is unbearably big. The rich became richer and the poor are still in poverty. Anyway, the country has gotten a huge amount of foreign government bonds and currencies reserves. Among them China is a number one country which possesses the U.S. Government Bonds.

China has developed and modernized its military power size and the ammunitions. They have nuclear missiles that can reach the U.S. And they even have raptor type fighter planes, nuclear power submarines. And now they are trying to construct some aircraft carriers.

While strengthen the military power, China has sneaky strategy to invade Japan. That is to purchase vast area of real-estate in big cities in Japan such as in Nagoya and Niigata. They are planning to unusual size of Chinese Embassy or Consulate. There’s a report saying. Chinese wants to have huge places that Japanese domestic law cannot apply and the places would become spy training facilities.


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