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J.Crew, Tsunami Sea of Japan and Korean Ethnocentrism (韓国人のJ.Crew日本支援妨害事件)


J.Crew, Tsunami and Korean Ethnocentrism (韓国人のJ.Crew日本支援妨害事件)

Please see how Koreans were threatening J.Crew on this facebook discussion board. www.facebook.com Crazy CM by South Korea www.youtube.com Pelase use the following BBS for more complicating debate. 8219.teacup.com Summery of the video. 1. It is a Russian Admiral, Adam Johann von Krusenstern, who spread the name "Sea of Japan" among western countries in the early 19th century by his book "Reise um die Welt in den Jahren 1803, 1804, 1805 und 1806 auf Befehl Seiner Kaiserliche Majestät Alexanders des Ersten auf den Schiffen Nadeschda und Newa," so Koreas claim that the name was determined by the imperialistic intention of Japan is totally a lie. 2. Korea's claim that the relevant sea has been called by the name "East Sea" by "many nations" is also a lie. It is true that Chinese and Vietnamese have been using the same term. But when Chinese use it, it refers to the East China Sea, not the Sea of Japan, likewise, when Vietnamese use it, it refers to the South China Sea. If the standardized name of the Sea of Japan should be changed to "East Sea," these people who have been using the same tern to refer to totally distinct bodies of water will be perplexed and confused. Koreans should pay attention to the inconvenience their childish demand may cause. 3. The IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) and the UN have repeatedly rejected the childish proposal by North and South Korea many times. Both Korea should just follow and accept what was determined by the international

J.Crew, Tsunami, Sea of Japan, and Korean Ethnocentrism

Koreans are erasing it because it contains the truth & facts.Please check with J.Crew.

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Stupid Koreans...


I read this article.
I'm very disappointed this Koreans action.
and, I can't understand their national character at all.
I hope growth of Koreans.

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