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The territorial dispute between Japan and South Korea over Takeshima.


Two Special Places for Koreans

In the Sea of Japan, between Japan and South Korea, there lie small island called Takeshima (Dokdo). Although the Allies determined that that these islets should remain as Japanese territory in the San Francisco Treaty in 1951, South Korea ignored this international determination and started occupying the islets illegally from 1952.

Thanks to the enthusiastic propaganda by South Korean government, all Koreans have obsession with these stolen islets. Korean people think it a sacred duty to appeal to the world for their claim over the islets wherever they want. They appeal in the FIFA WORLD CUP. They appeal in the World Baseball Classic. They appeal in Los Angeles. They appeal in Times Square, N.Y. They appeal I Iraq while stationed there. They appeal I Prague Czech. They appeal in New York Times. They appeal on swimsuits. They appeal on watermelons. They appeal in airplanes. They appeal in Japanese temples.

They even let bees swarm around their body for the appeal. They even commit Harakiri for the appeal. They even let their children draw offensive drawings for the appeal. They even slaughter Japanese national bird, pheasants for the appeal. To appeal for the islets, they won’t hesitate to do whatever they can. They won’t hesitate to go to the North Pole. They won’t hesitate to climb Mt. Everest. They won’t hesitate to dive into the Mariana Trench.

However, there is only place on this planet, where they never appeal for their claim; The International Court of Justice, Hague, the Netherlands. Since the illegal occupation by South Korea, the Japanese government has repeatedly urged them to go to the International Court of Justice to let it judge this territorial dispute. Nevertheless, Korans have stubbornly refusing to appeal for their territorial claim in the most appropriate place for them to do instead of appealing irrelevant places.

Why? The answer is simple. Because their claim has no legal basis in the international law. Takeshima is Japan’s Territory.

韓国に竹島を描いた古地図は存在するか: 日韓古地図の比較



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