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J.Crew, Tsunami Sea of Japan and Korean Ethnocentrism (韓国人のJ.Crew日本支援妨害事件)


J.Crew, Tsunami and Korean Ethnocentrism (韓国人のJ.Crew日本支援妨害事件)

Please see how Koreans were threatening J.Crew on this facebook discussion board. www.facebook.com Crazy CM by South Korea www.youtube.com Pelase use the following BBS for more complicating debate. 8219.teacup.com Summery of the video. 1. It is a Russian Admiral, Adam Johann von Krusenstern, who spread the name "Sea of Japan" among western countries in the early 19th century by his book "Reise um die Welt in den Jahren 1803, 1804, 1805 und 1806 auf Befehl Seiner Kaiserliche Majestät Alexanders des Ersten auf den Schiffen Nadeschda und Newa," so Koreas claim that the name was determined by the imperialistic intention of Japan is totally a lie. 2. Korea's claim that the relevant sea has been called by the name "East Sea" by "many nations" is also a lie. It is true that Chinese and Vietnamese have been using the same term. But when Chinese use it, it refers to the East China Sea, not the Sea of Japan, likewise, when Vietnamese use it, it refers to the South China Sea. If the standardized name of the Sea of Japan should be changed to "East Sea," these people who have been using the same tern to refer to totally distinct bodies of water will be perplexed and confused. Koreans should pay attention to the inconvenience their childish demand may cause. 3. The IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) and the UN have repeatedly rejected the childish proposal by North and South Korea many times. Both Korea should just follow and accept what was determined by the international

J.Crew, Tsunami, Sea of Japan, and Korean Ethnocentrism

Koreans are erasing it because it contains the truth & facts.Please check with J.Crew.

Japanese version


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Please be careful not to be deceived by Koreans.


Please be careful not to be deceived by Koreans.
Many of people in the world might have realized that Koreans tell lies and copy things without hesitation and deceive others. Koreans look like Japanese but they are absolutely different race from Japanese. The movie below explains well what I mean. Their deceiving things come from a lot of aspects and fields: culture, history, martial arts, origins of food, naming of industrial products and inventions, rights of others' patens, territorial sovereignty and a lot more!

The Last YouTube Video by ChosunNinja 朝鮮忍者最後のYouTube動画


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A Message from the Emperor


The Emperor's Message is translated in English.


I am deeply hurt by the grievous situation in the affected areas. The earthquake off the northeastern shore was Magnitude 9.0 which is unprecedented in scale.


The number of deceased and missing increases by the day and we cannot know how many victims there will be.


My hope is that as many people possible are found safe.


I am also deeply concerned about the unresolved problems at the nuclear power plants. I hope that the efforts of those involved will prevent the situation from becoming even worse.


At present, national rescue operation is on the way.

But in the midst of this severe cold, many people do not have enough food, water, or fuel. They are in truly difficult conditions.


I can do nothing but to hope that the circumstances of those who suffered will be better, and it leads to the people's hope for recovery by putting forth every effort for a speedy rescue.


Above all, I am deeply moved by the braveness of those who suffered have pushed themselves to survive day after the enormous disaster.


I would like to express my great gratitude to

those who work for national and local organizations, including the military, police, fire department, and coastal guard,

to those who have come from abroad to rescue,

and to members of emergency rescue teams for working day and night despite the danger of aftershocks.


Leaders of nation around the world have contacted me to offer their best wishes and to tell me the thoughts of all their citizens are with us. I pass these words along to the people in suffered area.


Many news stories from abroad have noted that in the midst of this tragedy, Japanese people are not descending into chaos but instead are helping each other as well as responding in an orderly manner.


I sincerely hope that the people will cooperate, treat each other with compassion and overcome these unhappy times.


I believe that we will all have to share more of ourselves in various ways to those who suffered in the difficult days ahead.



I with those who suffered by the earthquake will not give up hope, and strive to survive tomorrow and in the days to come, while taking care of their health.

I implore people to come together as one, to keep their hearts close to the afflicted areas, and to continue watching over the victims on the long road to the recovery.


James Smith(ブログ)NE Japan Earthquake Day 6: A Message from the Emperor


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Thank you, Daniel for the fair and right reports about the current situation in Japan.


A lot of confusing rumors and also correct and incorrect news are reported through media in Japan as well as in the world. Here is a gentleman whose name is Daniel Kahl.

He has been living in Japan more than 30 years. He can speak perfect Japanese, and even more, he also speaks perfect dialect which is peculiar in northern-east of Japan where the enormous earthquake and tsunami struck. I think Mr. Karl has been explaining and elaborating the facts what’s going on in Japan. I personally do not trust current DPJ Japanese Government which is composed of fake Japanese (originally they’ Koreans) and most of the news media that are under the control of China and Korea.
Therefore, please listen to Daniel Kahl. He knows the area much better than News reporters.

Up today, 13,232 people are found to be dead, 14,554 are still missing and 4,756 are injured. Besides that, there has been a problem of nuclear electric plants which nuclear specialists, self-defense army and all the related personnel have been working to stop the leakages of any nuclear substances such as contaminated water, air and radiation etc..
Thank you so much, people of the world! Your warm and kind help such as a lot of supplies and money given to the survivors. It may take a very long time for them to go back to their happy daily lives. Of course, among ourselves help each other a lot.


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Stop the Hysteria and the Paranoia!


I'm sure that people of the world know Japan had chaotic earthquakes and tsunamis struck along the seashore of the northern part of Japan, Iwate, Fukushima and Ibaragi prefectures and some areas of Kanto. The scales of earthquake were 9.0 magnitudes and 7.0 seismic.

More than 10.066 inhabitants are identified dead and over 17,452 people are still missing---probably more than 30.000 people would be dead. Right now self defense army, fire stations and police departments are on duty to rescue the survivors. However, the scale of the earthquake and tsunami was so big that they are having the most difficult situations. The streets, roads and bridges are damaged so badly that rescue teams are having hard times to bring food, water, oil, gasoline, and all other daily necessities to the survivors along with finding dead people.

There is one more difficult problem. The damages of nuclear electric plants are another urgent problem to be solved. Although the 6 plants automatically shout down the functions to produce electricity, the cooling water circulation systems were damaged and the nuclear rods' temperature kept rising. Two of the plants exploded because overheating evaporates water and produces hydrogen.

Over brave 140 nuclear specialists from Self-Defense Army and Fire Departments got into the sites and started to pore water to cool down the heat of nuclear fuel rods regardless of the danger of their lives. Anyhow they managed to cool down the temperature of nuclear rods and they even fixed the water circulation system to back up the electric motors. The situation is becoming safer and safer now.

However, there occurred another unexpected problem. That is hysteric media to report a danger of radiation. I strongly believe that Japanese high technology limited the radiation problem minimum even against the terrible earth and tsunami that are considered rare case happens in one or less time in 1.000 years nearby Japan.

Everyday including Japanese media, the media of the world hysterically have been reporting the danger of radiation. A lot of foreign nationals ran into the airports and flew away to their own country. Well, I’m happy in some ways though. There are a lot of illegal Chinese and Koreans in Japan. I don’t want them come back to Japan forever.

Misleading media reports cause panic among people. TV stations and newspapers and all kinds of media, please report the truth. In Japan, there’s one more serious problem. The members of ruling party, DPJ are fake Japanese. And they are the ones that having been spreading the false information regarding the radiation. They are trying to steal Japanese homeland with China, South Korea and Russia.

Their origins are in Korean Peninsula and the most of their grandparents entered Japan illegally while Japanese were straggling to reconstruct the country after the Second War. We really need to kick them out of the Japanese political society.

Anyway it is true that Japan was damaged so badly because of the chaotic earthquakes and tsunamis. We have incurred tremendous hardships and losses. But please understand the food and water are quite safe in Japan.


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